Tipping Guidelines

How much should you give? Always a tricky question, especially when tips are a big part of the hospitality industry. We've been here for a while so we have plenty of experience with it and we're happy to lend you a hand.

– Charlie

General Tipping Information

It is good to know what is customary so that everyone has the right expectations towards each other. We would like to state that we pay very fair wages to our staff and partners and that they are not dependent on a tip. However, in the hospitality industry and in African culture, it is very common to tip if the service is good. Besides, who doesn’t like a bonus when they’ve done great? 🙂

On the other side, don’t feel obliged to tip someone if the service isn’t good. See tipping as a reward for someone who provides a good service or goes above and beyond to ensure you make the most of your trip.

The currency in most countries is different so we’ll use US Dollars to estimate the appropriate amounts.

Finally, don’t forget to back up your tip with a word of thanks. We are all human and we all like to receive compliments. Keep this in mind and it will make the trip an amazing experience both for you and the people you get to interact with.


  • Uber ride: add 1 USD for a nice, short trip in town or somewhere else
  • Transfer of a few hours: 4 USD
  • Driver for a whole day: 10 USD, this can be topped up if you’re a big group, traveling by bus for example


  • Driver/guide: He drives you around and gives you more information during the day

    • 10-15 USD per day 

    • For a week, 75 USD

    • For 2 weeks, 150 USD

  • Local guide on-site: it’s his job to tour you around. If it is okay there is no need to tip him, if he does great you can tip 5-10 USD

  • Motor safari guide/instructor: 10-15 USD per day

  • Motorcyclists who carry you on the back of their motor: 4 USD per day

  • Tribal Trek main guide: 10-15 USD per day

  • Tribal Trek assistants: 4 USD per day




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