Behavioural Guidelines for Charlie’s Travelers

At Charlie’s Travels, we’d like to make a positive impact on our environment. We try our best, but you can also help out! Check out the following behavioural guidelines for your trip to Africa, and all will be perfectly fine. Please read all the info in this document carefully before you leave!


  • Please leave the environment as pretty as you encountered it. Collect your garbage and look for a place to get rid of it, also if that can be a bit difficult;
  • Did you smoke a cigarette on the mountain? Put it between your shoe laces, until you can throw it away;
  • Okay, yes, we like to go off the beaten track, but when you’re in a nature reserve or park, stick to the path! Otherwise, there’ll be not nature left;
  • Collect your plastic garbage, like we said before. If you’re traveling through Kenya, we can give you a big collection bag to collect plastic in (if possible). When you leave this bag in the car after your trip, we’ll make sure the plastic will get locally upcycled;


  • Be respectful to the animals around you: you’re infiltrating their habitat, not the other way around;
  • Never give food to animals! If you give food to monkeys, for instance, they will get shot;
  • Enjoy the wildlife with your eyes and don’t get too close without permission. Don’t threaten animals and don’t chase them either;
  • During a safari, you’re encountering wild animals – don’t underestimate them! A safari park is not a theme park: big animals can cause big problems, if they feel threatened;
  • You might not expect this, but hippo’s are Africa’s most deadliest animals! Every year, people die because of a unfortunate hippo encounter. Stay clear of these big boys!
  • Also keep your distance from i.a. elephants, rhinos and buffalos – they also easily crush you or your car. If you’re going camping in the bush, make sure to have a ranger with you during the night! Also, it’s a bad idea to keep food stored in your tent.


  • If you want to take a picture of people, always ask for permission first. If you’d like to photograph kids, see if you can ask their parents for permission;
  • It’s likely that you’ll encounter poverty during your stay. 2 very important rules:1. We’re absolutely against ‘poverty porn’, so don’t take pictures less fortunate people to get some likes on Instagram;2. If you want to give something to people, then only do this in a fair setting (by sharing or by creating a transaction). If you’ll hand out stuff or money in poorer places, you will contribute to a begging culture;
  • Don’t forget to tip! Tipping culture in Africa is big: if people do something for you, they will almost always expect a tip. Don’t feel like tipping? Make sure to clearly point that out (before your luggage has been brought up the stairs!);
  • Our partners get fair pays, but also for them receiving a tip is usual. Make sure to read our tipping guidelines!
  • If you arrive back in your accommodation after a night out, bear in mind that other guests are sleeping. Be polite to other people on the streets, to staff and other guests;
  • Make sure to keep to your promises and appointments you make about your car and about stuff like timing;


  • Try not to see the world through a Western lens. The standard of living might be different in African countries, but life goes on. Life often has a different pace and perceptions on things like value and happiness might be different from what you’re used to;
  • Ladies, mind your clothing. Especially in coastal areas (more in towns than on the beach), you will encounter big cultural and religious differences – make sure that you’re prepared!
  • Be open to the ‘African lifestyle’: ‘pole pole’ (take it easy) and ‘hakuna matata’ (no worries). Not everything goes to plan, sometimes you have to wait a bit longer. Try not to stress out, get yourself a drink, eat a samosa, start some smalltalk and enjoy the environment!

Ready, set.. GO!!

Rrrright! Now you’re completely ready for a trip to Africa. Check out our destination pages or contact Charlie immediately!

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